OTC Open House App

OTC Open House is an open house app and management platform designed to make the open house a better tool for agents to track their properties, open houses and leads created from their open house. It uses a simple web interface and native mobile application that keep track of your properties, open houses, and open house leads. Unlike traditional means of gathering information, this platform will allow customers or agents to input information directly into the system for better organization and follow-up.

How it Works

Track open
house leads

Fast and effective reporting for each open house

Get real-time feedback from open house visitors

Simple follow-up with email, text, or phone calls

About Offer To Close

At Offer To Close, our mission is to create tools and services that make the home-buying process simple, transparent, and affordable and that extends to making the entire open house experience simpler and more efficient. We created OTC Open House to add one more arrow in the agent's quiver while also increasing the value proposition that we uniquely offer agents with our transaction management platform, experienced transaction coordinators, and tech services like OTC Open House

OTC Open House apps will be available to download soon for iOS on Apple's® App Store and for Android™ users on the Google Play™ Store.

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